Notes on Emacs

This is a note on using GNU Emacs on Mac OS X. I used to be a vim user. I also used the sublime text as the main editor, sublime text + skim for LaTeX writing and Typora for Markdown. After Leo showed me the efficiency of using Emacs, I decide to learn it and write down this note. This note will be updated whenever I have time.


C- holding the control key while typing other keys

M- holding the Meta key ( option key on Mac) while typing other keys

RET the return key

DEL the backspace key

SPC the space bar

ESC the escape key

TAB the tab key


A good extension for writing LaTeX is AUCTEX.

Install AUCTEX



Most useful key bindings can be found at AUCTEX refcard.


To be updated.


To be updated.


To be updated.

The wiki page for Emacs

Very useful cheatsheets typed as reference cards

Last Updated: 2017-07-06